What is the future of twisted egg vending machine? Domestic gashapon vending machine operation market analysis!

What is the future of egg twister?Domestic twist egg machine operation market analysis!
One: market size
The market size of our domestic market can be seen by comparing the market data of 2018 Japanese twisted egg with 34 billion yuan.Although the Japanese twisted egg culture prevails, the content is rich.According to authoritative data, domestic IP fashion products are growing at a rate of 40% every year.Obviously, the domestic egg twister operation is in a blue sea market, not can do the problem, is how to develop the problem.
Two: twist egg machine distribution, investment twist egg machine to earn money?
Japan’s vending machines are very dense, with an average of 16 people per machine, compared with 600 people per machine in China. There is huge room for growth.And some of the country’s biggest shopping malls are hard to find.With the upgrading of domestic consumption power, daily consumption is no longer about basic necessities of life, but more about spiritual and cultural enjoyment.
Three: the influence of twisted egg culture is increasing day by day, invest in twisted egg machine to make money?
Japan has a very strong twisted egg culture.Domestic consumer groups are more stratified, and the young generation has a high acceptance and enthusiasm for fashionable products. For example, Molly, the huang box fashion brand, is growing at an annual rate of 200%.Visible, the market potential of twisted egg is huge.
So if you choose the egg twister factory, egg twister wholesale, egg twister custom manufacturers, more son praise twister experts
One: the multiplier son likes many high-quality goods twisted egg machine, twisted egg machine factory
The egg twister has a number of appearance design patents, new utility device invention patents.The appearance design is fashionable and peculiar.Adapt to the current demand of consumption upgrading.And software and hardware are independent research and development, stable performance.The company is equipped with advanced and stable payment system and management background, providing powerful guarantee for the business operation and income.
Our team’s main business is hardware + Internet development, have 11 years of work experience, twisted egg machine is I accidentally investment side, in 2012 until 2017, when purchasing the twisted egg machine on market operation problems has been found, and manufacturers long-term communication cannot be eradicated, and the domestic developed new retail very big contrast to the Internet of things.Internet age twisted egg machine is a very comprehensive ability test manufacturers of products, in addition to understand the production and manufacturing, electronic driver, Internet of things technology, cloud technology also know the product integration and debugging, production technology, electronic control, cloud, outsourcing three important links are hurt their operating quality, hence we assess your team, have the advantage to decided to invest in consistent focus to do well in this item.From plastic mold, hardware control motherboard research and development to cloud management background are developed by our team, gathered our more than ten years of development experience.
Two: low failure rate
One of the big problems of egg twister is that it can’t get out. There are too many customer complaints and the businesses are too tired to deal with them. As a result, the operation labor cost is higher and the industry requirements of new retail are not met.Double son praise twisted egg machine back twisted egg mechanical device hired professional mechanical engineers design and invention, and obtained the patent certificate of practical invention.After a large number of test improvements, basically solved the back twist egg problem.
Three: big twist egg, big gift, more attractive
The machine can return the big twisted egg with diameter of 75, 100, 120, 160 and 200mm, or the oval twisted egg.Compared with Japanese twisted egg, it is accepted by a smaller group in China.Gifts with big twists and big eggs are more popular with young people.
How to operate the market?
In addition, we have our own operation site, so we can share operation data for your reference, share popular gift purchasing, and recommend various twisted egg gift suppliers to you. It is free, open source, Shared and win-win.
Egg twister in general where to operate?
We have many years of operating experience, twisted egg machine is a kind of consumption randomness strong forms, need to be mixed and fragmentation of the scene can be achieved very good profit, we have tried the collocation of scene dolls machine, massage chair, bath center, naughty fort, barber shops, commercial body atrium square, indoor playground, catering queue area…All of them have achieved very good revenue.Of course, some people flow very good point can also be twisted egg machine type of operation, but such a point in a general mall only one, point resource competition is extremely fierce resulting in rent is also rising.
How do egg twisters make money?
The egg twister is actually a real vending machine, which traditionally means earning a price difference on gifts.But with the rapid development of mobile payment and the Internet of things, there have been egg twisters with marketing functions in 2019. For example, if you buy a cup of milk tea, you can get an electronic egg twister voucher, and then go to the egg twister next door to scan the code and directly release the egg.China is a big production country, the contents of twisted eggs are not limited to toys, cosmetics trial, stationery, lucky gifts, jewelry and so on, give play to your imagination.
What can you put in a twisted egg?Strictly speaking, you can put anything in it.
Twisted egg inside can be put: genuine IP handmade, exquisite pendant, decoration, crafts, toys…
Twisted egg inside can be put: cash coupons, coupons, lottery tickets, movie tickets, recharge card…
Twist egg inside can also put: fish food, regret medicine…
Do you have egg source?How much is it usually?
Beer egg twister has its own collection of egg source recommendations, but also a completely open attitude to accept, introduce, share some good egg source partners/suppliers, reduce the purchase cost.In order to achieve a healthier and more sustainable revenue, we strongly recommend you to use high-quality twisted egg resources to create a better social image for this industry.High quality gifts are usually 10-30 yuan in the market.
We are not only small egg twister wholesale manufacturers, but also is a giant egg twister custom manufacturers, giant egg twister custom price to provide size and modeling requirements to determine, never can not do, only can not think of, if you want to know more, you can contact beer zan 180-2622-3611 pang sheng
If you have the idea of cooperation to join, want to know the operation of the twist egg machine, please contact us, twist egg machine how to operate please pay attention to us.Egg twister operation this is a good landing project, not much knowledge, not much professional technology can be invested in the project.A project that allows you to start your own business while you work.A diversified plastic strong blue sea market project, if you have a good location, there are in the business of the gift machine point, you can contact us for cooperation!